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  1. Israel 'attacks' Gaza aid fleet
  2. US Invasion of Iraq-Updates
  3. World's most advanced submarine gets ready to dive
  4. Israel...
  5. World's most advanced warship is launched on the Clyde.
  6. Enough farting around on Iran & Nukes
  7. Britain is world's 2nd-most powerful nation, says think tank
  8. The Problem With Dubya
  9. Chavez ... Human Rights Violator ... and Liar
  10. Is the Illuminati Real
  11. Royal Navy "used Spanish flag for target practice" off Gibraltar
  12. Israel - The Right to exist as a State?
  13. Japan offers to solve "Union Jack problem"
  14. British soldier in Iraq describes moment Americans attacked his convoy
  15. Should Canadians help save Bil'in?
  16. Quotes and Wisdoms
  17. Hero McNab goes back to Iraq
  18. Trojan and Titan - the British Army's new 60-tonne boys' toys
  19. Terrorist attack in London
  20. Jewish MP: Israel acting like Nazis in Gaza
  21. Was World War Two just as pointless and self-defeating as Iraq?
  22. Lavish, colourful ceremony opens Parliament
  23. If we hadn't fought World War 2, would we still have a British Empire?
  24. Tensions rise in Mideast over Cartoons
  25. Pictures: Royal Marines strap themselves to Apache for daring rescue
  26. Italian magazine publishes photo of dying Princess Diana
  27. 9/11 Truth Manifesto
  28. It's not all doom and gloom: We should be optimistic for the future
  29. Preemptive War Criminals
  30. Describe the United States in a sentence.
  31. Bush’s Iraq syndrome
  32. Tories mix-up America's Birmingham with ours
  33. America at War
  34. Sixth Annual Israeli Apartheid Week
  35. Creation or Evolution?
  36. Start of war? 15 Royal Marines and sailors seized by Iranians
  37. The son of Tory leader David Cameron has died
  38. Our Glorious Afghan Mission
  39. History: Greatest Leader and Why
  40. Angry Chirac leaves summit as Frenchman speaks English.
  41. The Euro vs Dollar Conspiracy Theory: part II - "The P
  42. Photos show German soldiers in Afghanistan posing with a skull
  43. Europe gets a new country as Kosovo declares independence
  44. Call for a Peaceful End to Zionism
  45. Was WWII about what we were told it was about?
  46. Download track for Falklands War vets
  47. BushCo crimes - lets do the world a favour
  48. Several dead, many wounded in bus attack in Israel
  49. Sealand, the world's smallest country, is up for sale
  50. Iraq-Vietnam comparison inevitable
  51. Hugo Chavez, the Richard and Judy tyrant who has brought Marxism back from its grave
  52. Socialism Is the Only Way
  53. Canada should pull its troops out of Afghanistan
  54. First female Gurkhas start their training
  55. Zimbabwe...no end to the power struggle!
  56. So you think it's not about the oil?
  57. Will Europe's spoilt children put us to shame by saying No to the EU empire?
  58. Election Countdown
  59. How Canada puts Britain to shame over treatment of fallen soldiers
  60. Durban Climate Change Conference 2011
  61. Charlie Sheen's Statement to the London Guardian on 9-11
  62. Islam vs. The World
  63. Palestinian hero kidnapped israeli soldier
  64. Analysts: More Libyan bloodshed could prompt U.S., NATO intervention
  65. The Collapse of Globalism, JR Saul, Book Review
  66. 9/11 conspiracy debate
  67. Smirking murderer is led to the gallows as children join crowds at public executions
  68. Amazing pictures of RAF Hercules landing on an Afghan landmine
  69. Experts Claim Official 9/11 Story is a Hoax
  70. Haiti,lets discuss it civilly
  71. Russia Prepared To Fight War Over Ukraine, Senior Government Official Admits
  72. Gingrich sees Iran threat to U.S. like Nazi Germany
  73. The Taliban Terminator
  74. Fallujah: the truth at last How the US murdered a city!!
  75. The ugly truth in Afghanistan
  76. US troops used chemical weapons
  77. Who Pays Taxes In Canada ??
  78. Have we ever faced an enemy more stupid than Muslim terrorists?
  79. Cindy Sheehan ... More of Her Lunacy ... Pleads Not Guilty
  80. Chicken Little Demands Apology Sky Falling
  81. Frankfurt to Paris train arrives...after a 6 year delay
  82. Police Can Bar High I.Q. Scores
  83. Israel's genocide of Palestine
  84. We owe the WWII generation a debt we can never repay
  85. French military is falling apart, documents show
  86. Interview: Tommy Robinson of the EDL....
  87. The islamic lie
  88. The Next Islamophobic Hate Thread
  89. Post Katrina- Disaster updates.
  90. The end of US democracy?
  91. The Flotilla....IDF Actions Validated!
  92. Female Genital Mutilation
  93. Venzuela leads the world against USA
  94. Chavez called the United States a "terrorist state"
  95. Should George Bush be charged for commiting war crimes?
  96. Coups arranged or backed by the U.S.A
  97. New Orleans After Katrina
  98. From Watergate to Downing Street -- Lying for War
  99. Amnesty International Report "Operation Cast Lead" - 22 days of death and destruction
  100. "Illuminati New World Order" Game - Truth or Hoax?
  101. What do recruitment adds say about us?
  102. Public executions in Iran as seven hang for rape and robbery
  103. 750 Naked Women for Peace
  104. Why the English-speaking countries lead the world.
  105. Mr. Bush, There's Someone Waiting, and Waiting, to See You
  107. British soldier faces disciplinary action after hacking off Taliban's head
  108. Genadier Guards' welcome first black officer
  109. Criticism of Israeli war crimes and crimes against humanity is not Anti-Semitism
  110. So You Think You Know Whats Really Going On In Iraq?
  111. What is an American?
  112. Depleted Uranium-Far Worse Than 9/11
  113. America Evil?
  114. Climate change-Implications
  115. Parliamentary versus Presidential governments
  116. Autopsy: No Arabs on Flight 77
  117. British special forces to use strap-on stealth wings.
  118. Iraq (US Crime)Updates &Breaking news
  119. Demjanjuk and Sobibor
  120. U.S.: Did President Bush Order Torture?
  121. I Am Not Un-American, Just Tired
  122. Basic Human Rights - Define them?
  123. Hopelessly Enslaved by Democracy
  124. A British Challenger II tank is badly damaged....for the first time ever
  126. England, NOT the mother country
  127. Israel prepares to launch attack....
  128. So the USA in Iraq is illegal huh?
  129. Chavez says U.S. occupying Haiti in name of aid
  130. The Failings of the Modern Left
  131. Arrogant and hypocritical Chirac savaged by British press
  132. Beyond Impeachment
  133. Oxford University student becomes new leader of Pakistan People's Party
  134. What are American values?
  135. Western Women #1 Converts to Islam
  136. Shame on Canada! re: Propaganda and Canada's Support of Ethnic Cleansing.
  137. Plans For Iran
  138. UK vs. EU Article Ramblings
  139. Obama urges future Palestinian state be based on '67 borders
  140. What's up with Immigration in the US?
  141. Rove-gate???
  142. Iraq sovereignty, how will we know?
  143. Riots return to streets of Ulster after former IRA prisoner is arrested over murders
  144. Hamas Wins
  145. Kids Starving In Iraq
  146. Bush 'Wins'!
  147. President Sarkozy's salute to 'the British, our saviours'
  148. Barbarians wants to destroyed lebanon
  149. Americans can no longer purchase or consume Cuban cigars!!!
  150. Why Do They Hate Us So Much?
  152. Iran children - taught to HATE
  153. How interesting.... NORAAD
  154. 17-year-old girl stoned to death for loving boy of wrong religion
  155. Secretary of Defense Reveals Earthquake and Volcano Weapons
  156. British soldier: "We cornered Taliban then US Apache pilot turned his gun on ME"
  157. Canada Bashers Double Standard
  158. New Middle East
  159. Anthrax alert closes Houses of Parliament.
  160. Where did the Taliban come from?
  161. Pentagon Says There Will Be A Draft
  162. The Power of Hatred
  163. Jordan: Explosions
  164. Nithari Killings
  167. Who hates the most?
  168. The Israeli bullcrap detector
  169. A Year After Saddam's Capture, Iraq's Rebels Fight On
  170. America's Innocence Ravaged On 9/11
  171. A fifth of European Union will be Muslim by 2050
  172. Invasion of Canada
  173. The Euro vs Dollar Conspiracy Theory
  174. Israeli soldiers captured in Lebanon, not Israel!
  175. hugo is the man
  176. Charles denies planning to reign as King George VII.
  177. The Gas Chamber Lie Won't Fly
  178. Letter to us from the Taliban!
  179. American traitor and coward writes communist book
  180. Deconstructing the veil.
  181. Ten things we learned in 2004 about 9/11
  182. Iraq - Today..*and tomorrow?*
  183. Why anti-Americanism is as Canadian as maple syrup
  184. The Five Dancing Israelis Arrested On 9/11
  185. Americans burning American flag
  186. Designer BABIES !!!
  187. Israel's Response: Self-defense or Revenge?
  188. Nuremberg Trials or Nuremberg Lynch Mob
  189. FRANCE banned all religious symbols from their schools
  190. Smearing chavez american lies!
  191. Cut Israel Off
  192. Chavez Takes a Stand
  193. The benefits of socialism.
  194. UKIP's Farage 'luckiest man alive' after surviving election day plane crash
  195. Putting things into perspective - ( READ!! )
  196. For Bush, it's from bad to worse
  197. Preparations to Attack Iran???
  198. John R. Bolton
  199. Defeating terrorists without wars
  200. Brave IDF caught on tape using human shield
  201. Frail Thatcher is aided by Blair at Northern Ireland commemoration
  202. US Guilty of Starting Not One, but Three Illegal Wars
  203. Al Gore: Impeach Bush
  204. Families of British troops killed since WWII to be given new Elizabeth Cross medal
  205. Saddam Trial - Gen.Ramsey Clarke defends Saddam
  206. Falklands War II? Britain says it is prepared to protect the islands
  207. The Rise Of The Fourth Reich
  208. Bikini-wear to make Biggles blush as RAF launch new fashion label
  209. Iraq war a success
  210. Soldier: Commander Tried to Change Report
  211. Carlos 'the Jackel'
  212. Bibby Renaissance targeted to become prison ship
  213. Red Dragon (Y Ddraig Goch) may be put onto Union Jack
  214. Pearl Harbor: The Facts Behind the Fiction
  215. David Cameron: ready to lead Britain through 'tough times' ahead
  216. National Health Service bashers make me sick
  217. Does Canada spend too little on defence?
  218. China warns the US.....
  219. Is Sweden the most boring country in world?
  220. US screwing around in Venezuela?
  221. Do you really know Dalai lama?
  222. Chavez... tick tick tick
  223. As terrorists attack Sri Lanka cricket stars, will World War III start in Pakistan?
  224. Britain killed Rasputin, claim Russians
  225. Muslim Outrage
  226. French public debt now exceeds that of the USA
  227. What is the Stupidest Animal on Earth?
  228. youtube link: Non-Violent Protest against Israel Apartheid Wall
  229. Palestinian "Unilateral Declaration of Independence"
  230. Apatheid History (Regan and Thatcher)
  231. Mother-of-two's transformation in Afghanistan from burka to bikini
  232. Softwodd Lumber Dispute
  233. Thousands gather to watch launch of HMS Dauntless, the 2nd Type 45 destroyer
  234. The right economic model ? Ireland !!!
  235. China Passes anti -secession law
  236. Public Flogging in Iran
  237. England football team gave Nazi salute in 1938. So why do we suck up to dictators?
  238. Government declares IRA redundant after report says its terror campaign is over
  239. Iraqi Physican Confirms US Chem Weapons Use In Fallujah
  240. Imposing aircraft carrier, HMS Ark Royal, moors on the Thames
  241. Rumsfeld Defends Secretly Holding Suspect
  242. L.Libby Charged , Has resigned
  243. America welcomes the Queen (but struggles to lay the red carpet)
  244. Questioning what happened on 9/11
  245. Wasted resources in war on terror
  246. Freedom, Justice and Democracy RE:Egypt
  247. Best solution for defending Arctic sovereignty?
  248. Emotions or Facts?
  249. Britain in decline
  250. Middle East War - Iran- Syria -Lebanon - Israel - US