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  1. Gun Control is Completely Useless.
  2. How much do Canadian soldiers get payed?
  3. Unlocking a locked-in Pension (RRSP)
  4. Quebec Sucks
  5. Should Quebec separate from Canada?
  6. Quebec shouldn't separate from Canada
  7. Abortion
  8. Very Interesting article I found: Canadian vs. American
  9. NDP Have BIG plans in BC again!!!
  10. Canadians Moving to the US
  11. Tory G8 abortion stance
  12. How will a Conservative government be better?
  13. Belinda Stronach appointed to Cabinet
  14. WalMart - Store closing over unionising, Boycott called
  15. The Gun Registry Must be Deregistered!!
  16. Quit picking on the Shiny Pony
  17. Liberal phobia and the cause….
  18. why steven harper will make a good prime minister
  19. Ontario vs. Alberta?
  20. Canada's Federal Election 2015: The Official Thread
  21. Polls
  22. The marriage "Saviours"
  23. Mafia continues Canadian expansion, experts predict turf war
  24. Harper says he'll protect traditional marriage
  25. Ont. court to rule on anti-prostitution laws
  26. Nice American Article: US vs. Canada
  27. Canadians to Taliban: Merry Xmas
  28. Stephen Harper vows free vote on gay marriage
  29. Who's right to choose, a womans right to choose.
  30. Should Canada Become the 52nd State?
  31. Right Wing Bigotry From Alberta
  32. Christy Clark cleavage
  33. It's time to bring the death penalty back!
  34. An Angle Straight to Hell.
  35. Attawapiskat chief goes on hunger strike
  36. Ten Paces then DRAW!
  37. Toronto Police obtain crack video of Ford
  38. Why you hate the Conservatives and what is it about Liberals
  39. The Canadian election………….
  40. Another Alberta Message
  41. Gay advocates fight churches' charity status
  42. Carolyn Parrish
  43. Questions about Quebec
  44. Canada is the Most Overrated Country in the World
  45. Svend making a comeback?
  46. Canada, dump the crown and become a republic? (poll)
  47. Canada's Oil Reserves Attract U.S., As American Media Talk
  48. Conservative Gurmant Grewal
  49. I am amazed by the left on this board.
  50. National Child care, a reason to do away with provinces
  51. Calling all Separatists!
  52. What Does Quebec Export?
  53. Sue Rodriguez
  54. More than politics, this is a national crisis
  55. British MP banned from entering Canada
  56. My new Native hero, Chief Clarence Louie.
  57. National Post: NDP making huge gains as Canada tilts leftward
  58. Men's Rights?
  59. Becoming a MPP, MLA, or MP - How hard is it to run?
  60. The Quebec "nation" should separate...
  61. Dissatisfied with Choices
  62. U.S. to re-route Keystone XL due to environmental concerns
  63. Temporary Foreign Workers put 270 Canadians out of work
  64. Canadian 9/11 Petition for Parliament
  65. Blame Canada
  66. Liberals are the Most Corrupt Government
  67. Immigrant Assimilation
  68. Direct Democracy
  69. Canada’s cost in Afghanistan!
  70. Harper pledges.......
  71. supporting our troops??
  72. Al-Qaeda says Canada deserves bombing
  73. Liberals now pulling away from Cons into majority territory
  74. A Harper majority would harm Canada and the world.
  75. Canadian/American Comparison
  76. Do The Conservatives Deserve Another Chance?
  77. Ethnic cleansing of Anglos in Quebec
  78. Legalizing Marijuana
  79. Where does Canada stand?./Who Stands 4 Canada
  80. Marijuana Party Leader Joins Liberals
  81. Quebec as a Nation
  82. Canadian Immigration
  83. Canadians For Equal Marriage
  84. The Church is not the Enemy
  85. Elected Senate Reform?
  86. Québec's destiny will be decided by Québécois.
  87. Independence for Quebec
  88. Canadian Education System
  89. High Ho it's off to the polls we go.
  90. al quada versus taliban
  91. Our National Anthem and Bruce Allen
  92. Liberals Preparing For A Summer Election
  93. God Squad
  94. Gross National Happiness
  95. Voting age 16?
  96. Gay Marrage Debate
  97. What are we doing in Afghanistan
  98. 199 Reasons to NOT vote Liberal
  99. The Official Contempt for Alberta Thread
  100. Stephen Harper: The Al Gore of Canadian Politics?
  101. Big Brother in Canada?
  102. Would you die for your country?
  103. Burning the Canadian Flag?
  104. Who ya votin' for?
  105. Notwithstanding Clause (for people that arent familiar)
  106. What would it take?
  107. What are we doing in Afghanistan?
  108. Canada a quiet participator.
  109. Stop the seal hunt
  110. Harper predicts pain at gas pumps if Layton is in power
  111. Oil Sand Myths
  112. What should be drinking age? Heck, when is someone an adult?
  113. religion??
  114. What Bono has to say about Paul Martin's promise breaking.
  115. Parliamentary page sacrifices her job for anti-Harper protest
  116. Conservative apology for racist comments, what hypocrites!
  117. Canada in the 50s 60s 70s and 80s
  118. Canadian Gun Registry
  119. What did we do? Harper Majority!!
  120. 'Canadians will fall in love' with new governor general
  121. The Gomery Inquiry on Sponsorship Scandals
  122. Do you trust Canadian mass media
  123. Birth Certificate and it says.."Canadian Bank Note"?
  124. Canadian Politics - an embarassment
  125. 2006 Canadian Election.. call it right away?
  126. Is Everyone Happy With Our New Government??
  127. Bilingual in Canada
  128. Stephen Harper Halted
  129. Handgun Sales Skyrocket Across Canada
  130. A question about pligamy.
  131. Quebec is a nation? What does that mean?
  132. Sponsorship Program - Will of the People paid for?
  133. Ontario Election 2014 - The Official Thread
  134. Dagger Ban unconstitutional Supreme Court says
  135. Canada's position in the Security Council, UN
  136. Harper says national media are biased against him
  137. Tories and Quebec Sovereignty
  138. Quebec, the Country
  139. Does Justin have what it takes to make his old man proud?
  140. lets cut and run
  141. Church & State
  142. A National Shame?
  143. Should Canada indict Bush?
  144. Ontario a Have Not?
  145. Death Penalty
  146. Age vote to 16
  147. Canada more democratic than the U.S.?
  148. How to stop the spread of fundamentalism?
  149. Anti-war crowd are demoralizing our troops.
  150. Who do you think should be elected as next PM?
  151. globalization definition
  152. It's Heeeeere
  153. Titanic clash looms over proposed Northern Gateway pipeline
  154. Liberal Party corrupt to it's core.
  155. Get rid of the Governor General
  156. CBC 2011 federal election political compass
  157. Abortion is wrong no matter what! Part 2
  158. Young Canadians NOT voting
  159. ADD & ADHD: Epidemic of a Phantom Disease
  160. Christians VS Democracy??
  161. Nationalism vs. Internationalism
  162. Can Canada Survive?
  163. Tiny Minority Attempts to Decide Canada's Future
  164. Gun Control in Canada
  165. Canadian Democracy - Takes another hit under Harper
  166. Canada's Armed Forces
  167. Svend Robinson...
  168. Why The Liberals Should be Booted Out of Office
  169. Why do you eat meat?
  170. The Coalition Strikes!!!
  171. U.S. vs. Canada-statistics on crime and religion
  172. Question for Albertans (or anyone who wants to contribute)
  173. Who is the Hottest MP?
  174. Which Country Has The Most Efficient Military Force?
  175. Can Ignatieff distance himself from his past?
  176. U.S. Embassador; "Canada has no claim to Arctic Waters&
  177. Harper has no respect for the fallen soldiers!!!!!!!!!
  178. Emerson Crosses the Floor!!!
  179. invade pakistan
  180. Soft wood Lumber, yet again.
  181. Conservative voters have amnesia!!!
  182. Should Military be used to keep Quebec in confederation
  183. Governments spend too much on Seniors
  184. Should cats be allowed to roam free
  185. Canada Stands Alone On Anti-abortion
  186. Canada's National Anthem - PC changes
  187. Thomas Mulcair, being "Thomas Mulcair"....
  188. Stupidity of Dual Citizenship
  189. Afghanistan: a war that can't be won
  190. Don't Blame Ontario!!
  191. Canadian Military
  192. CBC's Anti-Harper Bias
  193. The Hunt is Coming
  194. Looks Like the Dreaded Spring Election is on!
  195. Gomery Enquiry - April Fools Joke?
  196. Government kills independent science body
  197. Canada Goes To Hell
  198. Separatism is High Treason
  199. Canadian Energy Policy
  200. Anti-Canadianism and more.....
  201. Capital Punishment
  202. NDP Plans
  203. tactics of the NRA
  204. I just had to tell you guys what my kid did yesterday
  205. Who are the next potential Liberal Party leaders.
  206. Why canadians are proud of their country?
  207. Quebec as a Nation=Quebec as a Nazi regime
  208. 3 official languages
  209. Prediction Time
  210. This must end NOW: Canadian Support for Israel - ENOUGH!
  211. Is Lester B. Pearson the most overrated Prime Minister in the history of Canada?
  212. Why does Justin Trudeau talk like a raging homo?
  213. The Official Canadian Electoral Reform Thread
  214. Canadian Designed Saddam's SUPERGUNS!
  215. Merger of the Century: Why Canada and America Should Become One Country
  216. Immigration will increase in Canada for 2007 and beyond
  217. Residential Schools....Are You Kidding me
  218. Two Women’s Fight For Power In Redneck Country
  219. Women Use #DressCodePM To Ridicule Prime Minister's Anti-Niqab Comments
  220. Harper Shutting Out the Media
  221. The definition of Liberalism
  222. Do you support Canadian Troops?
  223. Hey guess what...Quebec wants to separate again
  224. Monarchy Yes or No...
  225. Vote in House to extend commitment to Afghanistan
  226. Orange Order and Orange Men in Canada
  227. Canada's Federal Election Polls
  228. NDP Policies
  229. France Wants To Ban Full Head Covering On Muslim Women
  230. Genocide in Canada
  231. Why is Canada a member of G8?
  232. Study: Many Affected Negatively From NAFTA
  233. Jack Layton says ....
  234. Canadian seal cull 'unnecessary due to climate change'
  235. trudeau crossed the floor and pushed aside NDP MPs
  236. Abolish the CRTC
  237. Why Conservatives Should Thank Chuck Cadman
  238. Canadian Military Pension "Claw Back"
  239. Should Canadian tax payers be funding abortion?
  240. Martin & the gas tax
  241. Will the Conservative/right wing parties fade out?
  242. Wal-mart rejected again!
  243. Canadian economy heading for recession
  244. Liberals and NDP In Bed with the Bloc
  245. Americans travelling as Canadians
  246. Canada's customs officers need guns !!!
  247. Geert Wilders comes to Canada
  248. Justin Trudeau — He's in way over his head.
  249. The Truth About Taxes
  250. Nova Scotia may turn Orange