Very brief electromagnetic history. / By Israel Socratus./

Very brief electromagnetic history. / By Israel Socratus./
Part one.
Oersted demonstrated connection between electricity and magnetism.
Ampere gave mathematical explanation to this effect.
Faraday discovered the reverse effect: relationship between magnetic
and electric fields. ( how to use magnetism to induce electricity)
Maxwell (using mechanical model: balls, springs, hooks . . . etc.)
found mathematical equations to describe Faraday’s idea.
Oliver Heaviside reformulated twelve (12) Maxwell’s equations
to the modern four (4) equations.
Hertz discovered Maxwell’s electro- magnetic waves and . . .
he wrote that . . . EM waves cannot be put into practice.
But . . . . .
Morse created the telegraph and Morse Code.
Bell is often credited as the inventor of the telephone.
Marconi developed the first effective system of radio.
. . . etc . . . .

Part two.
Maxwell’s EM theory was theory about waves.
It said nothing about particles.
It was Lorentz who introduced particle-electron in Maxwell theory.
And it was Einstein who developed and leaded Maxwell / Lorentz
EM theory into the “forest / jungles” of SRT.

Part three.
Planck united together long and short wavelengths and said that
this unity is possible if they ( long waves and short waves) have
something common. The common is – quantum, quantum of action.
De Broglie decided vice versa:
quantum discrete particle can be as a wave – as a "pilot-wave".
Later SRT + QT created conditions for modern technological progress.

My conclusion.
Different waves ( long and short) have something common in behavior.
The common is quantum- quantum of action- quantum particle in action.
Planck’s “quantum of action” is quantum particle in action.
It means that there isn’t EM waves without quantum particles in action.
Different quantum particles in action create different kinds of waves.
The source of all EM waves (and all phenomenons in Nature)
are different quantum particles in action with energy E=h*f
The particle’s energy of Gamma-Radiation waves is E=h*f ,
The particle’s energy of Röntgen-Radiation waves is E=h*f,
The particle’s (photon) energy of Light waves is E=h*f,
The particle’s energy of Infra-red-waves is E=h*f ,
The particle’s energy of Super/Ultra-High-TV waves is E=h*f,
The particle’s energy of Radio waves is E=h*f . . . . etc . . . etc.
What is difference between them?
Frequencies make difference between quantum particles in action
and their EM waves.
Once more.
Photon, electron, x rays, cosmic rays, microwaves, radio waves,
TV-waves all they have in common one thing: frequency.
Change the frequency and you can step from one to another particle.
Frequency is the key to quantum particles.
Frequency makes difference between particles (EM waves).
" . . . photons with extremely high fluctuations (frequency) . . .
in the experience was observed . . . . the remarkable phenomenon
of transformation them in … … …electrons.
Undoubtedly, a reverse process is also possible."
/Book. " Isaac Newton ", page 94.By academician S. I. Vavilov./
Planck’s quantum particles are quantum particles in actions.
Results of these actions are different frequencies.
Question: How did frequencies appear in actions?
Answer: The frequencies are result of quantum particle’s high
speed self-rotation (a particle behaves like having self- angular
momentum) around its own axis. There are many different kinds
of waves but all they were created by this one scheme: h*=h/2pi.
This effect (spin) was found by Goudsmit and Uhlenbeck in 1925.
And in spite of that this effect is well-known for a long time, until
today it doesn’t adopt philosophical as real physical self-action of
quantum particles, as real self-rotation process of quantum particles.
Best wishes.
Israel Sadovnik Socratus.
========= …
Faraday discovered relationship between magnetic and electric fields:
how to use magnetism to induce electricity and therefore all our so-called
“electrical” tools are “magneto-electrical”, they are artificial.
Another effect, natural, is “electro-magnetic”, for example: photosynthesis . . . . .

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