#5 Paper Machine circa 1999
MVC 017F 
                                                                                    3rd Press section control pannel
MVC 016F 
                                                                                    View of press section from the Bridge
MVC 015F 
                                                                                    Long view from the "Bridge"
MVC 014F 
                                                                                    One of the control pannels for start-up, shutdown an continuous operation, 
                                                                                    It is said that starting and shut down of a machine is...
MVC 013F 
                                                                                    Operator making adjustment to lead-in roll
MVC 012F 
                                                                                    Front side of winder
MVC 011F 
                                                                                    Winder section where roll of  paper is cut into customer specified sizes
MVC 010F 
                                                                                    Long view of drier section
MVC 009F 
                                                                                    Calendar stack section
MVC 008F 
                                                                                    Back Tender
MVC 007F 
                                                                                    Dry end Roll overhead crane
MVC 006F 
                                                                                    "Stock runner" checking notes
MVC 005F 
                                                                                    My shack, work station
MVC 004F 
                                                                                    Press section
MVC 002F 
                                                                                    WIRE Section called Fourdrinier
MVC 001F 
                                                                                    My last work station