Pantless Calgarian Becomes a Florida Man For A Day

A Calgary man has been arrested in Orlando, Fla., after a pantless joyride across airport tarmac.

According to the Orlando Police Department, Richard Hogh was kicked off a flight to Chicago Friday morning after United Airlines employees found him acting erratically.

Hogh had sat in an unassigned first-class seat, police say. When he was asked to move, Hogh told employees he was a pilot and wanted to sit in the jump seat.

Hogh was removed from the plane, and police say he then got into a service elevator with an airport employee, and rode down to the ground floor.

Once off the elevator, police say, Hogh removed his pants, sat in the passenger seat of a luggage vehicle and told the operator he "had to catch a flight."

The driver, fearing for his safety, got off the vehicle at which point Hogh drove onto an airplane taxiway.

Airport crews followed the vehicle and Hogh was arrested at the airport's fire station.

Carolyn Fennell, a spokeswoman for the airport, told the Orlando Sentinel the incident caused a "ground hold" for planes in the immediate area but it didn't cause any flight delays.

Hogh has been charged with trespassing and grand theft.

Pantless Calgarian arrested at Orlando airport after joyride in stolen luggage vehicle - Calgary - CBC News

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