$25-a-day child care coming to Alberta

creating up to 1,000 new child spaces and 230 new jobs.

Under the $10-million pilot project announced Tuesday by Premier Rachel Notley, each eligible centre will receive up to $500,000 in operating grants in the first year, with the possibility of receiving two more years of funding.

The government wants daycares to include spaces for the children of shift workers, and children with special needs.

Interested daycares need to apply to be part of the program. Notley said successful applicants will be announced in early 2017. She said the pilot project will be a step towards a province-wide system.

"What we learn from the initial 18 will guide us on how to best develop a new childcare system," Notley said. "We will be in a position to implement a maximum of $25-a-day child care as the province's finances permit."

Notley wants daycares in rural and urban areas, in accessible locations such as hospitals and other public buildings.

$25-a-day child care coming to 18 Alberta daycare centres - Edmonton - CBC News
That's pretty amazing.

If that is what economic turmoil looks like, then more economic turmoil please.

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